A New Taylor Employee Benefit: Vigilant Health

The Taylor Group of Companies is excited to announce a new healthcare benefit. We have partnered with Vigilant Health to provide our insured employees in the Louisville and Philadelphia area with a new employee private health clinic. We are excited to bring quality, convenient, private healthcare service directly to our employees. The Vigilant Health Clinic is available at no cost to employees, spouses, and dependents over four years old who participate in Taylor’s medical health plan. That’s Right! No deductibles, co-pays, or out-of-pocket costs will be associated with using the private clinic. *

*Standard co-pays and deductibles apply when a patient is referred outside the private clinic for diagnostic services or to another healthcare provider.

Vigilant Health Open House

On Thursday, October 12th, Taylor and Vigilant Health hosted an Open House for the new private clinic in Louisville, Mississippi. The open house allowed Taylor insured employees in the Louisville and Philadelphia area to meet the Vigilant Health team and learn about the new benefits available through the clinic. Nurse Practitioner Brianna Lundy was available during the open house to answer any questions and provide more details of the services offered through the clinic. The Vigilant Health Clinic can help you control your ongoing health problems while working with your primary care physician. The clinic offers the best modern medical care to its patients. The clinic will begin seeing patients on October 23rd and is an appointment-only clinic.

For more information about Vigilant Health, visit: www.vigilant-health.com