Introducing the Innovative CLEAR-VU Lift Truck Operator Station Featuring COMFORT STEER Mini-Wheel Control

Taylor Machine Works, Inc. is proud to introduce the new CLEAR-VU Operator Station across its entire X-Series Heavy Duty Lift Truck lineup. This innovative configuration of Taylor’s proven, and durable DREAM Cabin fundamentally changes how the operator views and experiences his daily work and surrounding environment. The most notable feature of this new operator station is the intuitive COMFORT STEER mini-wheel, which is mounted on the armrest and controlled with the left hand. It replaces the traditional steering wheel and column, which are completely removed. From inside the cab, the operator’s field-of-view forward, from inside the cab, is open from floor to ceiling.

Improved posture for the operator is a key benefit of the new CLEAR-VU operator station. All the features that were previously on the dash panel are now at the operators’ fingertips. The COMFORT STEER mini-wheel is actuated by the left hand, while the Joystick console, TICS (Taylor Integrated Control System) display, and all other machine controls are mounted on the right armrest. This relaxed position enhances the operator’s arm, elbow, shoulder, and neck comfort. More efficient and productive work cycles are a noteworthy benefit of improved operator positioning and comfort.

The armrest-mounted mini-wheel is not a new concept to Taylor. The Taylor 100,000-lb. capacity Log Stackers have been equipped (as standard) with a hydraulically driven version of the mini-wheel for over a decade. The new COMFORT STEER mini-wheel utilizes steer-by-wire technology combined with traditional hydraulics to provide durability while meeting all applicable safety requirements. Robert Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Taylor Machine Works, Inc., expressed, “This new COMFORT STEER system signals a major shift in how our Lift Trucks will be operated moving forward. While the traditional steer column setup in our DREAM cab will continue to be available and utilized, the huge benefits of the new CLEAR-VU operator station will quickly foster adoption across all our supported material handling industries”

Customer acceptance has exceeded all expectations. Operators have an immediate positive response to the openness and comfort of the overall CLEAR-VU design

Taylor Product Manager, Spencer Pope

The new Taylor CLEAR-VU operator Station with COMFORT STEER has been vetted in heavy-duty cycle industrial locations across the US. The electronic, steer by wire system monitors the travel speed and instantly adjusts the mini-wheel sensitivity to give the operator smooth control at any speed. Spencer Pope, Taylor Product Manager, added, “Customer acceptance has exceeded all expectations. Operators have an immediate positive response to the openness and comfort of the overall CLEAR-VU design and have shared how intuitive and easy the COMFORT STEER mini-wheel is to operate”

Taylor Machine Works, Inc. is a third and fourth-generation family-owned company and is celebrating its 95th year in business. Taylor designs, manufactures, and supports heavy lift trucks (forklifts) and other material handling equipment with lifting capacities from 4,000 lbs. to 125,000 lbs. They have over thirty direct full-service facilities and over one hundred dealer locations (along with a strong International presence) that serve multiple industries, including Steel, Wood Products, Ports, Intermodal, Concrete, and Oil & Gas.

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