The Taylor Group of Louisville, Mississippi, announces the acquisition of eighty-five percent of the shares of CVS Ferrari (CVS) from NEIP III and BP. Taylor is proud of this new relationship between two great companies with great people making great products for our customers!

“I am delighted to welcome CVS to the Taylor Group of Companies family with this international investment; the Taylor Group is committed to becoming a truly global player by opening new markets and combining the strengths of both organizations, which complement each other well. We see tremendous opportunities for growth in market access, new products, lower cost, and enhancing service and support”. – Robert Taylor (President & COO)

“CVS has been finally guided to an industrial investor that can provide long-term stability and adequate resources to enhance company development further. In combination with the Taylor Group, CVS will boost its capabilities in after-market support and broaden CVS product offering, and further increase production volumes at the Cadeo and Sorbolo plants. The current management will stay onboard to signal continuity and commitment to the company’s future”. – Federico Zanotti (CEO)

TOGETHER we are creating a GLOBAL Footprint!

We look forward to the growth of existing products, bringing new products to the world, and enhancing the service and support for those products. Together, we will ensure our employees, vendors, dealers, and most importantly, our customers that… We will continue to Build Relationships for the Future.


The new CVS board will include Robert Taylor, President and COO of Taylor, who will serve as President of CVS, Davis Taylor, Director of Sudden Service and Hal Nowell, Director of Sales at Taylor respectively. Davide Bertozzi will join the CVS board, while the current board member Federico Zanotti will serve as Managing Director.


BP, formerly Battioni & Pagani, is privately owned by the Pagani family and will be retaining a 10% share in CVS while SDB, owned by the Director of Sales and Marketing at CVS Davide Bertozzi, will be retaining a 5% share in CVS.


The transaction’s closing, which has been advised on the seller’s side by BNP Paribas and on the buyer’s side by Angle Advisors, took place on February 1, 2024.

Senior Staff members from both CVS Ferrari and The Taylor Group, Inc. as well as the third and fourth generations of the Taylor Family.

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