TMW Announces the XE-4060 Extendable Counterweight Rigger

Taylor Machine Works, Inc. is pleased to announce the XE-4060 Extendable Counterweight Rigger Truck to our portfolio of over 100 Models of Material Handling Equipment. This new versatile lift truck features an extendable counterweight, allowing a range in capacity from 40,000 lb. to 60,000 lb.

Hal Nowell, Director of Sales, remarked, “We are very excited about the XE-4060 Rigger Truck. The extendable counterweight chassis and overall simplicity of the XE-4060 help it maneuver in various industrial settings. With lifting capabilities up to 60,000 pounds, this versatile machine handles boom rigging and heavy lift applications with ease.” The XE-4060’s versatility is what makes this machine unique. The XE-4060 is a single unit designed to handle a multitude of rigging and machinery-moving applications. The counterweight will extend to provide a longer wheelbase and stability when heavier lifts are required. When fully retracted, the unit can navigate tight and confined spaces. The counterweight itself has six removable/stackable plates that allow for precise lifting set-ups and ease of transport.

There are also multiple front-end configurations available. Customers can request the XE-4060 with a carriage and forks, an adjustable hydraulic lifting boom, or a combination of both. Taylor Machine Works, Inc. continues to add more models and features to our equipment to be more versatile, efficient, and able to tackle the demands and needs of our customers.

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