Last week students and faculty from the University of Mississippi’s Haley Barbour Center of Manufacturing Excellence program used the Taylor Power Systems manufacturing facility as their classroom. The 12 students were divided up into three teams and assigned to a manufacturing line. Each team was tasked with identifying problems and obstructions in the manufacturing process and then proposing solutions for each production line. Immediately, they began to brainstorm and discuss ideas for improvement. Production line staff were questioned about the current processes by the students and presented feedback on what procedures could be implemented to perform their job more efficiently.

On the final day the students presented their recommendations to Taylor Power management. All three groups did amazing, presenting how production could increase efficiency, lower production times, and overall increase the number of products produced. Additionally, the students made a current state value stream map showing the areas of potential improvement they had identified.

The lean manufacturing principles the students exhibited in their presentations will be very beneficial to the manufacturing process here at Taylor Power for years to come.