Taylor Sudden Service Generator Technician James McGowan Completes EGSA Certification

James McGowan, Generator Technician for Taylor Sudden Service, recently completed the Electrical Generator Systems Technician Certification Program with the Electrical Generating Systems Association (EGSA). This is a significant accomplishment for both James and Taylor Sudden Service, as he becomes the first generator technician to achieve certification by the EGSA.

“Receiving my EGSA Certification has been one of my top priorities ever since I found out about it. To me, this solidifies that I’m successful at my trade. Since achieving certification the confidence and excitement I have in my work has risen tenfold,” commented James McGowan. James noted, “I think it’s a huge benefit and I encourage our other technicians to study hard and pursue taking it. It’s a difficult test but it’s well worth it. I have always been self-taught and highly motivated and will continue to strive for excellence in what I do.”

Through rigorous testing, the EGSA technician certification program is designed to identify technicians who not only have a broad knowledge of electricity, mechanical and electrical components, and the interaction between them, but are proficient in the installation, service, maintenance, and repair of power generation systems.

“In our efforts to continually improve our generator technician training we have worked with EGSA to become a testing center for not only our technicians but all those that seek to further their education in the power generation field. Furthermore, in an effort to continue to provide excellent service to our customers Taylor Power Systems and Taylor Sudden Service assist our technicians in developing their skills. The EGSA Certification is an excellent standard for our technicians to strive for and we encourage them to pursue this achievement,” stated Gordon Musgrove, Technical Trainer for Taylor Sudden Service.

Let’s congratulate James for his hard work and continued commitment to Taylor Sudden Service.